Cricket XL™

Does your house feel like a cricket party?

Put a stop to the noise with our new Cricket XL™ giant cricket trap. With over 55 square inches of catching power it is the largest cricket trap on the market. The trap can be separated along the perforated lines for dual placement. As with all our glue traps, Cricket XL™ is non-toxic, home and family safe, ready-to-use and lasts for up to a year under normal conditions. When the cricket racket is too much, put a stop to the noise with Catchmaster® Cricket XL™ giant cricket trap.

Bonus Big Ed tip – the first signs of crickets in your home are usually dead crickets in cool, damp places. Placing 1 or 2 on a Cricket XL™ may help increase your catch rate.

To learn more about Big Ed (our Chief Trapping Officer), click here: Big Ed’s Trapping Tips

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