GLOstik™ Flying Insect Trap

GLOstik™ Flying Insect Trap is designed to attract mosquitoes, flies and other common flying pests on a disposable glue tube using battery powered LED light. Includes 2 Disposable Glue Tubes and 1 Reusable Base (batteries not included).

1pk – Item #908 (1 LED Base, 2 Tubes Included)

Product Safety Data Sheet

Hoja De Datos De Seguridad

Product Description


  • Attracts flying insects with LED light and silently traps insects on adhesive coated tube
  • Indoor Use. Hang or place in low light areas: inside cabinets, under or above counters, pantries or attics. Overnight, turn ON to trap mosquitoes and other flying insects that have entered during the day
  • Outdoor Use. Hang or place in low light areas: garages, patios and porches. From dusk and during the night, place one or more GLOstiks approximately 10-15 feet from where you are sitting
  • Reflective cap intensifies insect attraction. LED light bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours
  • No Zapping
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not Included) to power reusable LED light base
  • Non-Toxic & Safe. Includes Reusable LED base and Disposable tubes