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Tips & Tricks for Using Fly Control Products Effectively

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Fly JarThe hot summer weather often brings out the flies! Once you have a few flies indoors they can drive you absolutely crazy. Knowing that flies can breed quickly and that the average house fly lives two to three weeks, we are certain you want this problem solved as quickly as possible.

Indoor fly problems can be frustrating. What can be more frustrating is purchasing products to control the situation and not catching flies! Just as is the case with controlling any pest around the house knowing a little bit about the biology of the pest at hand can make all of the difference between solving your pest problem and simply being frustrated by the process. The following points are very important to know when using fly products and can assist you in catching much more of these annoying pests:

  • Flies will gather around places that they feed or breed. Unfortunately that room in a house is usually the kitchen, the room where you least want to see flies. It is also not a place to put a fly swatter to use nor is it a place that you should be spraying toxic chemicals. Green products for fly control are a must in food handling areas and fly glue traps are an excellent choice.
  • Flies like sunshine and light in general. When using fly glue traps or paper you will want to hang the paper in a sunny part of the room either near a window or door.
  • Flies also prefer higher parts of a room where the temperature is warmer. So hang your fly traps up high where flies are naturally drawn.
  • Depending on the environment, you may want something discreet. For those circumstances where hanging fly traps just won’t do, consider the Catchmaster SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap. This trap blends in easily to any indoor room, attracts flies with light, silently traps flying insects with glue, and eliminates the zapping sound and hygienic concerns that electrocuting traps make.
  • Never use baited or scented traps near an outdoor party. While they will kill flies they will also be attracting more flies to the area!
  • Fly Glue Traps are bright yellow to attract flies to them. Be extra careful when placing them. Hanging near a door that is often open and closed may actually draw more flies into your home.

We hope these tips and tricks to fly control keep your home pest free this summer and beyond. For more information about flies visit our blog on House Fly Control Tips.


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