Slider™ Bedbug & Insect Monitor

Detect bed bugs before it’s too late! The Slider™ is designed to catch bed bugs as a means of monitoring for the first signs of an infestation. Bed bugs and insects are attracted to the textured base of the Slider™. They explore the base and are trapped in the Catchmaster® adhesive formulated for bed bugs and insects.

The clear window allows for easy inspection. The Slider™ can easily slide between the mattress and box spring. Place under four corners of mattress. The Slider™ can also be placed under couch cushions and in other upholstered furniture, under crib mattress, inside luggage, in cars and under car floor matts, in and around cubbies/lockers at schools, and along baseboards. Made in the USA.

4pk – Item #504

Product Safety Data Sheet

Product Description


  • Assembled Dimension: 1.87 in. W x 3 in. D x .125 in. H
  • Take proactive steps to detect bedbugs as early as possible
  • 1 Room Application
  • Prevention-focused – inspect every 2 – 4 weeks to ID a potential bedbug infestation at the earliest stages
  • Includes Bedbug Prevention & Detection Guide
  • Non-Toxic
  • Patented dot matrix technology invites bedbugs to enter